Downloadable Fashion


The Post-Couture Collective seems to be an alternative to today’s fashion system. A new era in the production of sustainable and affordable clothing. In their vision clothing is designed on the principles of open-source, and is made using 21st century technology. Is this the end of retailers?Post-Couture is a Dutch online 'fashion service' that offers the first downloadable garment collection. It's a line of clothing that you can customize by design and size. The company mails you knitted fabric made from recycled plastic bottles.(PET). You then take these textiles to a maker space, download the patterns and let a laser cutter form the pieces. Once that is done, you easily interlock the pieces together by hand and you are set to go! Any left over fabric can be sent back to the company where it will be recycled one again. Prices per each design will run you between $45-$140.