Relaxing Garments


Sportswear brand VOLLEBAK has launched a hoodie that relaxes the wearer before sport and a jacket with ceramic panels that helps prevent injuries from steep falls.The Baker Miller Pink hoodie has been designed to help athletes relax and conserve energy before sport or exercise.The hoodie is named after a shade of pink researched in the 1970s for its supposedly relaxing effect on the central nervous system, causing it to be used in prison cells in an attempt to reduce violent behaviour.VOLLEBAK claims that being enveloped in the colour reduces the wearer's pulse rate and slows their breathing. Oxygen consumption is further conserved by pockets positioned in the middle of the torso, which allow arms to be rested to reduce movement. An inbuilt soundtrack, constructed from elements of pink noise, has been designed to further slow the heart rate and relax the wearer. With its ability to transform your performance and recovery by helping you conserve energy, the parasympathetic nervous system is one of the most powerful performance enhancers you have access to," said the designers..

The Condition Black jacket – named for the military term for the physical and mental state during life and death situations – is designed for more extreme sports and activity, and has a durable outer skin. According to the company, the garment can survive falls of up to 120 kilometres per hour across any surface, and has been designed to help athletes survive in mountain conditions. A visor attached to the Condition Black jacket allows the wearer to immerse themselves in a training program that uses light and sound. According to the designers this sends brainwaves into a similar state to that created during near-death experiences. The brand hopes that this will help climbers train their responses for emergency situations.

Vollebak was established in 2014 by brothers and designers Steve and Nick Tidball.

Source Dezeen