Is a consulting firm focused on innovative materials, processes, and trends in the fashion and design world. We believe smart materials are the way of the future. With the increase in development and use of smart textiles and a greater emphasis on sustainability, the fashion industry is reaching a tipping point of dramatic change. While not all industry professionals are ready or prepared, MADISONS is at the forefront of progress, and pushing for more collaboration and education to support this rapidly developing and changing industry. Accessibility and the strategic, innovative use and display of textiles is key. We are here to support the industry and our clients for the way to the future. 

Kristine Upesleja

Is the Founder and President of consulting firm MADISONS – Innovative Materials. She is an educator, researcher, connector, curator, and visionary.

With more than 20 years’ experience in fashion and design, Kristine has a profoundly shaped love for materials. She has been featured as expert on Wearable Technology, Smart Fabrics, and Sustainable Fashion on several panels and in such publications as French Vogue.

She began her career as a costume designer for opera, television, and film in Berlin before moving to Los Angeles to assist celebrity designer Roberta Marino on the Brad Pitt residencies in Los Feliz and Beverly Hills. Later she started a position at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM), where she founded the impressive Innovative Materials’ Department and Collection - the largest of any US college.

While Kristine manages the Innovative Library at FIDM, she continues to run her consulting firm and engage in speaking assignments and lectures all over the world. A few of her notable clients and collaborators include: Hugo Boss, Adidas, Patagonia, Lenzing, Guess, Michael Schmidt, and Reformation. She is also currently a regular lecturer at the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, where she developed a new class on “Wearables: Material Futures.” Most recently, Kristine shared her expert knowledge with Project Runway for their STEM in Fashion web series on

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Worked in Europe as a Fashion Stylist, Director’s Assistant, Actor, and Costume Designer for television, theatre, and film. Obtained a degree Theatre Science and Costume Design from the University of Berlin.


2000 - 2004

Moved to Los Angeles and continued working as a Costume Designer and Interior Designer. Assisted designer Roberta Marino on the interior design of Brad Pitt’s homes in Los Feliz and Beverly Hills.


2005 - 2013

Started working at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and in 2008 founded the College’s Innovative Textiles and Materials Department, including an Innovative Materials Collection.



Started MADISONS and continues to educate and consult all over the world. Once a year curates an innovative materials conference and exhibit at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.



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