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MADISONS believes smart materials are the way of the future. We are at the forefront of progress for the fashion and design industry, and pushing for more collaboration and education in this rapidly developing and changing field. We are open to new opportunities, including consulting assignments and speaking engagements worldwide. Please visit the contact page to get in touch.



Overview on Sustainability, Smart Fabrics, Wearable Technology, including Bio Fashion, 3-D, and more . . .



Speaking Engagements, Writing Assignments and Editorials, and Planning and Curating Conferences, Workshops, and Webinars



Connections and Strategies to Work with Suppliers of Sustainable, Smart, and High-Performance Textiles, including Wearable Tech (i.e. AI, 3-D, LED)


Innovative materials Conference

Since 2010 the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising has been hosting an Annual Innovative Materials Conference curated by Madison's Founder and President, Kristine Upesleja. Scroll through below a selection of photos from past exhibits, including the 9th Annual Innovative Materials Conference which took place October 22-27th, 2018.


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