Print Your Own Clothes


  Excited about that stylish top from J.Crew but wish you could have it for the party tonight? Why not just 3D print it right at home? That’s the vision embodied in a Clothing Printer conceived by industrial designer Joshua Harris. Harris developed the Clothing Printer with a group of colleagues as an entry in the Electrolux Lab design competition in 2010.

In the future, somewhere in 2050, Joshua Harris has envisioned that we can print our own clothes using Clothing Printer. This project aims to create solution that people have to deal in rapid population which can dramatically change the way we live in the future. This concept printer offers you effortlessly home-based clothing production, thus, eliminating the need for closets, washing machines and dryers, which is good due to the lack of space in crowded urban environment.

Based on his research, the designer found that our clothing industry to be an extremely wasteful and inefficient use of our resources. As you probably know, clothing is shipped to several different places before distributed to the consumers. Clothes only have short lifespan like maybe a few years, they’ll end up either being disposed or re-purposed. So, how bout creating a device which can print our clothes from home? Clothing printer concept definitely would increase marketability.

Source Inhabitat