New Natural Material - ZELFO


The Peanut Chair is produced from Zelfo, and was created by Austrian design studio, Fuerst/Bartosch, without the use of glues and toxins present in traditional chair manufacturing. Using a process similar to how plant cell walls function, Zelfo mimics a natural, durable design. Elise Gabriel, a young French designer, has experienced Zelfo ®. It is a new material made from cellulose ( plant ) fibers. Zelfo processed materials are self binding and non toxic. Zelfo can be made using wood, flax, hemp, sugar cane, recycled textiles, and waste paper. It is biodegradable and strong, yet still flexible.  Plant fibers can be a durable yet still pliable material that can be transformed into stunning, artistic pieces.

Using sustainable materials to create eco friendly fixtures is a model for responsible and inspirational design. Thinking of ways to use up typically thrown out resources takes it a step further.