The Worlds First Digital Pin

Founded in 2014 by Olof Sjöstedt, Pins Collective was created to give consumers an accessory that would not be perceived as a tech gadget. Olof developed this idea while he was studying at the Academy of Cutting and Tailoring, located in Stockholm, Sweden. At first the wearable looks like a conventional pin, but it holds an LCD screen on the front with built in Bluetooth to connect with a special made app on your phone. The app is for individuals to upload and share their designs while following friends, brands and other artists to discover an infinite amount of new artwork. Consumers can instantly upload their new artwork, or looping animations, to the pin and then display it as part of their outfit.
In the autumn of 2015, the Pins Collective was pre-launched using variety of online presence and social media accounts as a crowdfunding campaign. This was to prove that extrovert screens could attract the interest of paying consumers. Later being launched on Kickstarter, the pin received recognition from all around the world with over 100 articles being written about it. About 1,100 pins were bought for pre-sales and over 100,000 dollars was raised from global backers.
A pre-series is set to launch within the next couple of weeks, for fine tuning, and then Olof plans to move the pins into mass production. If all goes according to plan, the Pins Collective will be ready for consumers in September of this year.
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