The World's First Transparent Leather


Sruli Recht, the innovative fashion designer, is mostly recognized for making use of abnormal materials; incuding dolphin skin leather, stillborn lambs, and even his own skin. Now with the help of Dutch leather company ECCO, Recht has created a collection with the use of transparent cow-hide leather. The Apparition collection, named for its "spectral qualities and almost ghostlike appearance", results from three years of research and development. Translucent leather has been seen on runways before by popular names like Karl Lagerfeld during his time at Fendi and John Galliano at Dior. Unlike these previous designers, Recht was able to create a more pliable form that can be easily manipulated to create garments. He did so by researching how the other designers achieved translucent leathers and solved their functional issues, such as lasting pliability and water resistance.

Recht says that any color is possible with using this new leather, but along with ECCO, garments and shoes have been developed in hues of amber, green, black, orange, white, and blood red.