Photosensitive Fashion


Japanese Designer Kunihiko Morinaga debuted his ANREALAGE SPRING 2016 collection at Paris Fashion Week.It showed evidence that technology becomes more and more present in fashion and on the runway.The name ANREALAGE is a combination of the words 'real, unreal, and age'. The collection opted for a personalized high tech experience.Made from photosensitive textiles, Morinaga's garments required a flash enabled smart phone to experience his designs.Guests were provided headphones with instructions how to enjoy the show.They were told to take pictures of the collection with a flash.The photosensitive garments reacted promptly to the flashes. Only then the prints and patterns could be seen on the gowns. It turned the runway into an interactive happening. Kunihiko Morinaga's motto for spring: 'Reflect reality to create a new reality'.