Connected Apparel


Google already is part of our daily lives. Now they are moving closer to our bodies by wanting to be part of our daily clothing. 'Project Jacquard' wants us to connect with a device through conductive yarns that are woven into the fabric.No more wristbands needed??? Connected Apparel is not so new. Clothing brands such as RALPH LAUREN and ATHOS have been around for a while with their TECH CLOTHING, but GOOGLE's ATAP team ( advanced technologies and projects) wants to make the project fashionable and hip. Project Jacquard's differentiator is that it can be woven into any fabric using existing, industrial looms. The yarn can be made in many colors and can be woven to be obvious on the garment, or invisible. Of course, electronics must also be embedded into the fabric in order for the fabric to work as an interface. Connectors and small circuits are embedded into the fabric as well, with the circuit about the size of a jacket button. The name 'Jacquard' stems from a weaving technique that made automatic production of weaving possible for the first time. It was invented by Joseph Marie Jacquard in the 19th century.