Delicate 3-D Printing


  Jenny Wu is an LA based architect, designer and partner at the award-winning design and architecture firm Oyler Wu Collaborative. Her 3-D printed jewelry is stunning. The LACE collection reflects Wu's architectural aesthetic, marrying line-based geometry with intricate organic movement to create avant-garde designs that make a statement. The LACE collection is very geometric. The studio is pleased to announce the launch of three new 3D printed material (grey steel, stainless steel, and rose gold) to the LACE collection beginning on May 15th.

The new steel collection is especially exciting since it is the first time the collection will be 3D printed directly using steel powder through a binder based 3D printing technology.  This technology was previously used in industrial applications but is now available for high resolution 3D printing applications such as jewelry. Unlike other 3D printing technology, binder jet technology does not require a heat source like laser during the printing process.  Instead, liquid binding agent is selectively deposited to join steel powder particles to form the object.  The object then goes through an infiltration process inside a furnace to harden the final piece. The new rose gold collection utilizes both 3D printing technology and metal plating process to achieve a high quality precious metal finish at an affordable price.

Precious Plated Metal Plating Process:

The model is first printed using a high-resolution 3D wax printer.  A mold is made from the 3D printed wax, and the object is then casted in brass.  After the casting process, each product goes through a two step plating process - first a layer of palladium is applied to provide strength. Then, the cast is plated with .5 microns of 14K Rose Gold.

Oyler Wu Collaborative