Tyvek Reinvented


Sylvia Heisel is a New York based designer who experiments with advanced tech materials such as Tyvek®, a high-density polyethylene most commonly used in home construction and overnight envelopes. CTF3®, a non -woven fabric constructed from PVF film and Dyneema®, Eco-fi felt and Polartec® made from 100% certified recycled plastic PET bottles, and reflective fabric made from tiny glass beads made by 3M. Sylvia’s statement on


fashion isn’t going to look different – it’s going to act different. Great fashion already looks great….technology will help it act great.

new materials:

new technologies are making it easier to make old fibers like hemp and bamboo better (as in shrink less, wear better, feel softer) and creating new materials that are better than the old ones. starch based bio-plastics can be made into materials that are gorgeous and compostable. when you get tired of carrying your purse you can bury it in the back yard and it will be gone within a couple of years.

new ways to make things:

grow your clothes? 3D print them?  design them yourself on a smart phone and have someone local assemble your creation?  there are amazing new ways to make almost everything. factories and sewing machines are so last century…..

functional fashion:

clothes that heat and cool according to your body temperature, stilettos you can wear for a jog, embedded devices that will turn your jacket into a mobile hot-spot and let you know when you’ve had a enough to drink

why this matters:

clothing and textiles represent almost 5 percent of the total garbage in landfills. In North America alone, approximately 12 million tons of textile waste is generated each year. Additionally the dying and finishing of fabrics pollutes massive amounts of the world’s fast diminishing water supply.  New technologies can save billions of gallons of water and electricity while making it easier for us to have better looking, functioning and fitting clothes.

Sylvia designed and manufactured luxury sportswear and eveningwear under her own label for many years and has been a member of the CFDA since 1997. In partnership with her husband, scott taylor, sylvia also creates and consults on sustainable objects and environments. Her new line of accessories and clothes combine her favorite things: fashion, sustainability and new technology.

sylvia heisel

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Fashion + Function in advanced tech materials. Accessories and item sportswear that embody creativity, technology, sustainability and style. Everything made in usa from eco-positive materials including tyvek, 3M reflective and felt made from recycled plastic soda bottles.