3-D printing!



The 3 -D printed shoe! Made from Nylon. Lightweight and strong. A new industrial revolution may be on the way. The printing of products and clothing has the potential to transform manufacturing because it lowers costs and risks. No longer does a producer have to make thousands of items to recover fixed costs. Mass -manufacturing identical items may not be necessary, as 3-D printing makes customization possible.




Translucent leather has been used to make shoes. Made from faceted layers of the purest lambs that come from the killing fields in Southern France. Cut with a JCUT 1200 laser engraver, fountain pen and by hand. Sruli Recht’s collections are poetic conceptualizations by exploring intensively different materials. It’s a collaboration between nature and science, normally considered colliding forces.


Opening Ceremony



Translucent materials provide a visibility of the inner construction and product behavior. It gives the design a natural, organic look.


Comfort Slide Sandal…



….from the 1990’s minimalism is making a resurgence both on streets and in magazines. The trend and demands for Deluxe Sports is huge. It is a bigger and bigger growing market. Celine’s mink slide sandal speaks for itself. Birkenstock’s have become trendy and fashionable for the deluxe customer, without any hippie-eco flair.