Biogarmentry: What if Textiles Were Alive and Photosynthesized?


Did you know that only 1% of textiles produced are recycled? Or that there are 5.5 million premature deaths every year due to harmful air pollution? The fashion industry is affecting lives every day, even if we may not see it as westerners. Landfills are full of clothing that we see as disposable and it’s wreaking havoc on the environment. Biogarmentry addresses these issues head-on. A type of design that employs synthetic biology to create innovative garments living through photosynthesis and fully compostable. To read more about Biogarmentry from Roya Aghighi click here.


*For more information please watch video below:

**Photos courtesy of Roya Aghighi.

***To view in real life, Biogarmentry is part of the permanent Innovative Materials Collection at FIDM Library