ZOA- First Bio Fabricated Leather


Company MODERN MEADOW has been on the forefront for quite some time if it comes to bio fabricated materials. After five years of research in the lab and under the lead of Biocouture inventor SUZANNE LEE , Modern Meadow is now able to apply biofabrication to transform how we make everyday goods. A leather like material without having killed a single animal has been unveiled: ZOA. Zoa™ is the world’s first biofabricated leather brand and is created with nature’s essential protein, collagen, but grown completely without animal derivatives. Supple, durable, and flexible in form, Zoa biofabricated leather materials open up new possibilities in design and manufacturing not possible with traditional leather. Modern Meadow is currently partnering with world-class brands across luxury and consumer goods categories to grow products of Zoa, slated for release in 2018. Learn more at www.zoa.is